Because Pop Culture is Personal

I’ve attempted to keep several blogs over the years. And while I’d gotten some interest, I found myself bored and frustrated, lost in the crowd of the other millions of blogs voicing opinions on recent happenings.

But this time, it’s personal.

Instead of posting bland commentary on current pop culture or yearning for the days of the ’90s, I am going to focus my efforts on one main argument: Media, particularly television, is important for more reasons than you think.

I always bristle when I hear that age-old argument “Too much TV is bad, it causes obesity and ADD and autism and anger issues, and everything else under the sun.” I am living proof that’s not true. Well, okay, maybe not the ADD part, but definitely the rest of it. I spent LOTS of time playing outside as a kid – biking, swimming, playing imaginary games with other kids in the neighborhood. I was never obese, though I enjoyed my fair share of cookies and chips. And I’m pretty smart, so…. there ya go.

I’ve also gotten a little tired of the constant snark-cycle that is social media. Everybody has an opinion, and it’s more sarcastic than the last one. Who will be the first to come up with the perfect line to dismiss someone’s creative work? Hey, I’ve tweeted my fair share of snark – it just comes naturally, sometimes. But all the passive-aggressive comments drown out any genuine thought, feeling, or appreciation. So this will be a safe place, not necessarily snark-free, but snark-lite.

To me, media is important because of the connection. Because you, your mom, and a stranger’s family 3,000 miles away can all share the same experience – laughing at a silly sitcom, crying at a family drama, hiding under a blanket from a scary movie. And this is true now more than ever, thanks to sharing those experiences over social media. And while THAT buzz has short life, it’s still a moment, a burst of collective energy.

So this blog will be highly personal, which is rare for me. I want to share my life experiences connecting media – TV shows, but also films, plays, and music – with those I experienced them with. So you’re going to hear a lot about my family – my mom, my dad, and my younger brother James, as well as my fiancé Cory. You’ll also hear a lot about my friends from childhood through today, and pretty much anybody who might have played a part in a media moment.

Of course, I’ll throw in topical commentary, as well. This isn’t like a diary or anything.

And the whole point of this is to prove it’s possible to appreciate media in a way that isn’t entirely snarky or cynical. I adore pop culture and I want to show you why.

One thought on “Because Pop Culture is Personal

  1. Angie

    I’m looking forward to reading more about the way pop culture intertwines with your life. I sometimes feel frustrated when I blurt out a line from a popular sitcom or film at a specific moment (where it fits appropriately, I add) & people stare back at me as if I had three eyeballs. (Cue the crickets).


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