RECAP! Face Off: Child’s Play

Woo-hoo! Second episode! I am so ready!

We’re immediately teased before the theme song that Paul Reubens will be a guest judge. This is both weird and unsurprising. Ve’s worked with him on many of his projects, so it makes sense.

We start at Culver Studios, (side note: How many viewers are familiar with Citizen Kane? I’m genuinely curious.) where the crew is met with a playground of over-sized children’s toys. The spotlight challenge – a “wacky, larger-than life character” inspired by one of the objects. Sweet.

Last week’s winner, Melissa, gets to join a team of two at her choosing, which is kinda tricky. It’s like inviting yourself to be a third wheel. She actually reiterates this point in her talking head, so at least she’s aware of the potential awkwardness, but joins Johnny and Rob anyway.

When given the go-ahead, they race to the objects. The first team of Jennifer and Njoroge choose the giant colorful crayon box. Yay! Until I hear Njoroge say, “Yellow? Why yellow?” Uh-oh.

Katie and Kaleb choose a giant key, which is kind of an odd thing to be included in the group of toys. After they explained their design, though, I could kind of see like a music box ballerina or wind up doll thing happening, so it might work out. Wait, why is Kaleb rambling about love?

Anna and Mel have the watch, which is mind-boggling because look at the phone! Why didn’t anyone pick the giant phone??

Yvonne and Robert are working with the big dice. Something about a board game man, which poor Robert struggles to say. Is there anything creepier than a German saying, “For the children”?

Ant and Walter went with the race car. Sure. A car-human hybrid. Right. No prosthetics on the face? Okay. Your beauty makeup skills better be on point — oh, they are? Alright then.

Lollipop King from Team Third Wheel comes with a complicated backstory about a kid taking over his father’s candy shop and the lollipops being the king of candy or … something. Hm. Well, the design looks cool.

The rough sculpt of Robert’s Board Game Man has a game piece on the top of his head and on his nose. It’s looking a little funky, and Yvonne is not a fan.

Njoroge and Jennifer are hard at work — whoa, wait. The design sketch for Crayon Man is not good. It’s solid yellow, with some kind of drawing pad hanging from his neck. Please tell me it’s not going to be solid yellow. And a crayon sharpener nose? Why, so he could sharpen himself? I am already deeply disappointed in this design, especially since it was a BOX OF CRAYONS. You could do SO MUCH with it. Okay, okay, hold up. It’s early. Maybe they’ll bring it together somehow.

Anna and Mel are at odds with their Watch Face Man, and Mel in particular is feeling the pressure, since she’s sculpting the face.

McKenzie appears with Michael Westmore in tow. Loving McKenzie’s brightly colored striped dress, by the way. With Ant and Walter, Michael questions their plans for the face, and tells Ant to let the judges see a really good beauty makeup if he thinks he can do it, which sounds more like a cautionary warning than encouragement.

When he gets to Board Game Man, he’s not a fan of the lips, telling them to use the nose to help disguise the human mouth. I hate to question a legend, but I’m not sure what that means just from that clip. Maybe he went into more detail in person.

Michael continues breaking hearts by telling Katie and Kaleb that he doesn’t get “key” from their Ballerina.

Lots of work ahead, friends.

On Day 2, Mel and Anna seem to be 100% better. Happy days.

And we’ve got drama in the molding room (drink!). Ant and Walter’s molds look like “Swiss cheese,” all full of holes. I’m taking their word for it, since there isn’t a good shot proving it. They’re panicking a bit because their Car Lady needs to be perfectly sleek and smooth.

We get a brief glimpse of someone digging through boxes of eyelashes (I think. Could also be contacts). And it’s shots like those where I kind of wish they’d spend some time showing us ALL of the cool stuff they get to use. I mean, don’t get me wrong, foam is cool. But, you know.

Katie is doing what looks like an extraordinary amount of work to help bring the “key” back into their character.

Crayon Man (still yellow) will have crayon wrappers for hair, which is the first good idea I’ve heard for this character. Though, shouldn’t his suit or whatever look more like a wrapper? I don’t know.

Application Day has arrived.

No one seems to be too far behind this week. Edge issues plague several teams, but they’ve still got time. Lollipop King’s cowl is being painted in gorgeously vibrant colors – super smart basing it out in white – something I commonly do with my UV paint. Game Board Man’s cowl is taking longer than Yvonne would like, so she eventually just grabs it and plops it on the model’s head. The game piece top is a little flimsy, making it look… well…. anyway…

Oh, Crayon Man. The plus side is he’s looking a lot like the design sketch – which is also the down side. Jennifer is expressing doubt in her talking head, saying he wasn’t looking quite like they had hoped.

The doubt continues at Last Looks, where both Jennifer and Njoroge seem stumped by their failing paint job. Now I’m just yelling at the TV – “Why did you use just ONE color to paint? Why didn’t you use multiple shades of gold and yellow to give him some depth? Why are you surprised at this result??” They know they’re in trouble.

Melissa is proving that Team Third Wheel is actually awesome. Despite the close quarters, nobody’s tripping over anybody and they’re all working well. Nice!

As the contestants take the stage, they all freak out a bit seeing Paul Reubens sitting amongst the judges.

My Amateur Impressions:

Ant and Walter’s Car Lady: She looks… okay. I was expecting something cleaner. The face is a little weird, too.

Jennifer & Njoroge’s Crayon Man:

Nope. Though the wrapper hair is kinda cute, the flatness of the yellow is just awful. It doesn’t help that there’s a fairly obvious seam down the center of his neck, too. Yikes.

Katie and Kaleb’s Key Ballerina: She’s pretty, but dark. It looks more steam punky than whimsical.

Yvonne & Robert’s Game Board Man: He might possibly be cousins with Ronald McDonald. Not sure if it was intentional, but it’s hard NOT to see the clown here.

Anna & Mel’s Watch Guardian: Awesome. First of all, the model sells it hard, blowing a whistle and leaping around the stage, then freezing. The face is expressive, but when I saw how the watch band carried through the neck — that’s amazing.

Melissa, Johnny, & Rob’s Lollipop King: Visually, love the color scheme and the cowl. Up close, at least from my POV, the face is kind of bland. And the model doesn’t really help, dancing stiffly around the stage. But it really fits the challenge.

The Professionals’ Impressions: 

Ve says EXACTLY what I said about Crayon Man’s need for dimension. Key Girl is grungy. Neville notes the scariness of Board Game Man and there’s some mention of nipples. Everyone loves the color palette of Lollipop King.

Top Team? Anna & Mel, with Mel taking the crown.

Poor Jennifer is going home. So much for lack of formal training.

Overall Thoughts: While there wasn’t a ton of drama, I loved the challenge. Whimsical or cartoon-y challenges are more difficult, I think, since many makeup artists come from haunts or effects shops, where their work is heavy in darker creations.

Beauty in Words:

“It almost does feel like … a corpse.” — #Nevilleisms

“I love the eyebrows… I’m not gonna marry them, but I like them a lot.” – Paul Reubens. Lol.

Let me know how you’re liking this season so far!

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