RECAP! Face Off: Keep One Eye Open

So, I’m dealing with a lame Megara on Once Upon a Time, and now I’m faced with the Cyclops on Face Off. It’s officially time to watch Hercules.

Now, with 5 contestants remaining, the pared-down crew walk into the lab, which has been turned into an apothecary of yore. (From Pottery Barn? Perhaps.) McKenzie explains this week’s Focus Challenge is about creating a Cyclops. The artists must choose an eyeball floating in a jar to create a character around it. And there’s another week where they stretched the set up and the challenge. “Stretch” is putting it nicely.

McKenzie also mentions that they’re bringing in special models this week to truly represent the physicality of a  6’4 and 7 feet tall. A few short jokes fly at Mel’s expense. Once the artists choose their eyeball, they immediately start sculpting.

Walter’s purple eye inspires the Son of Hades, a demi-god.

Yvonne’s red eye becomes Satan’s Blacksmith. She’s talking horns and spikes, making him very demon-ish.

Rob’s eye is probably the coolest – all blue with a triangular pupil. He’s thinking aquatic.

Mel has a very human eyeball. But she deems human too dull, so she’s creating a human-dog hybrid, reasoning that the blue eye is similar to a husky’s. Right off the bat, this seems like a questionable idea.

Melissa’s working on a lizard-snake-monster-warrior. Her green eyeball looks reptilian, so she goes from there.

Rob got this crazy idea to put the eyeball on the mouth, trying to be creative, trying to be different. But he struggles. He’s wasted a good part of his time on this concept, only to scrap it and start over.

Walter is taking special care of his model, making sure he can see when he needs to.

Melissa is attempting to create her own scale pattern on her sculpt. She does half of it, waiting to show Mr. Westmore before she commits that much time, a very move.

Lo and behold, Michael Westmore enters, and offers his advice all around the room. He suggests tweaks here and there, and emphasizes with Walter that he should incorporate lavender in the skin tone to bring out the purple eye.

Yvonne is having a hard time with the anatomy around the eyeball, and Rob steps in to help her out. Rob, on his own, is having some issues with symmetry. Yvonne returns the favor, but offering him her perspective. It’s so nice to see artists helping each other out.

Walter molds early, a pride point.

Mel isn’t happy with her sculpture. But she explains a cool process using a clay extruder, a happy little device pushes out clay in long strings, which can be be applied to a mold to help get an even edge.

Yvonne is still fretting over her brow, and the “unfamiliar” anatomy. She can’t seem to wrap her brain around the formation of a Cyclops eye. I’d say that’s kinda fair.

Rob knows he’s pushing his time, but decides to spend as much of it on his sculpture.

Since Walter has nothing better to do, he decides to practice his Mr.-Westmore-approved lavender skin tone. Melissa is doing something similar, though on a much smaller scale, just to see how she can really get her hand-carved scales to pop.

Mel is working on creating a mohawk through a bald cap. She’s practicing on herself, and it creates some fun banter between her and Walter.

Rob is desperately trying to clean his mold before time’s up. And it must be pitch black, because those are some wicked flood lights.

Application Day. Mel knows her last attempt to save this bizarre sculpt is her paint. Walter is having an unnecessary amount of trouble with the bald cap. Melissa is using a python for inspiration in her paint job. Yvonne’s using red on her skin tone, then black horns.

Rob is doing something awesome with his Cyclops, giving it a yellow face, but going over the back with a bright blue pattern, to match the given eye.

Walter decides to paint the arms, even though it’s clearly a totally different shade of lavender. And this is a Focus Challenge. Poor time management, Walter.

As we get to Last Looks, Mel is really unhappy with her eyeball placement. Through this whole season, Mel has been living in a panic attack. And trust me, I can relate. But at this point, it’s starting to get more difficult to determine when she’s really in trouble. This might be it.

Melissa’s working to lighten up her paint job. Mel, in a panic to fix her makeup, just makes it worse. Walter’s bald cap issues come back to haunt him, as it’s shifted completely, leaving unpainted skin visible.

Oh my god, Mel walking her model out of the makeup room is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

Today’s guest judge is Douglas Smith, an actor who actually played a Cyclops, so he should know what he’s talking about.

My Amateur Impressions:

Melissa’s Lizard: It looks a little busy, but I’m guessing it looks pretty awesome in person. On the screen, it’s hard to decipher the face structure, and the feathers on top don’t help. But again, I’m sure in the room, it looks amazing.

Yvonne’s Demon: So…. pretty much a demon. It’s weird though. The facial features seem a little out of proportion – like the lips and nose are too big for the one eye.

Mel’s Dogface: Oh boy. It’s just strange. The eye does not match the sculpt. And it looks goofy. Not Mel’s best. By far. I feel terrible for her when the judges chuckle. What happened to her mohawk plan?

Walter’s Purple People Eater: The color is an issue. And the face is a little… vague. I don’t know.

Rob’s Trident-Maker: I love the paint job. It looks really great, very professional.

The Judges’ Impressions: Glenn thinks the horns on Yvonne’s are a bit contrived. They are shocked at the amount of work Melissa put in to hers. Glenn and Neville share utter confusion over Mel’s. They do not like the wrinkles Walter so intentionally placed wrinkles. They agree Rob’s looks better with the hood down.

Melissa and Rob were the top looks, with Melissa winning this one. They will most definitely both make it to the finale.

Walter and Mel are in the bottom. And it’s Mel who will be — SAVED. That’s right, the judges finally cashed in on their Savior card. A good call, I think. I mean, kind of their last chance. Saving someone next week would mean only a single elimination.

Overall Thoughts:  An interesting episode, more so than last week, I believe. Not to sound like a broken record, but this whole season has been lacking in drama and genuinely interesting characters, so at this point, it’s set the bar pretty low. I hate to say that, because these artists are all very likeable, most are fairly talented. But it just doesn’t make for the most captivating of seasons.

Beauty in Words:

“My hair was a bit longer and just flopped like a horse. I felt regal.” Mel, describing her “weird scenester adult” mohawk from 2 years ago.

“Cyclopian droopy dog” – #Nevilleism

“He looks like…’Huh???'” = #Nevilleism, explaining how Mel’s Cyclops appears.

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