RECAP! Face Off: The Art of Warcraft

Tonight’s challenge was no secret: World. Of. Warcraft.

After the judges used their immunity card last week, we’ve got the same talented 5 contestants this week, which is great.

The goal this week is to adapt a character from WoW to a realistic creature ready for the film. Chris Robinson, WoW’s senior art director, appears on the scene to offer advice both to the group and individually once they develop their concepts.

Right off the bat, Melissa and Walter are the most pumped. Melissa is practically giddy with joy. Mel, on the other hand, is bumming hard. She is not familiar with the WoW life and feels she’s already at a disadvantage. She’s going with a Troll. And when Chris shows up, she assaults him with questions.

Melissa’s got the Worgen. Chris recommends to work on the profile, specifically the snout. Walter’s got a Draenei. Rob’s got a Tauren, which looks like a bull. He’s got a lot planned. Yvonne has a Goblin. Her model is female, so she asks Chris if there’s a difference, and how important it is to stick to said difference.

Rob starts on his cowl. He feels it’s an important shape for a true Tauren. Yvonne oddly ditches Chris’s advice and decides to make her female Goblin uglier.

Walter starts working on tentacles using an assortment of materials. Melissa’s struggling a bit with her werewolf face sculpt.

Rob is getting very disappointed in his cowl. He feels it looks stupid and since immunity is no longer on the table, he’s feeling particularly stressed. He decides to set the cowl aside and move onto the face.

The Westmores appear. First, Mr. Westmore advises Yvonne to bring out some features, highlighting the fantasy element of the challenge. Over at Melissa’s station, he winces at her concept, and suggests she elongate the muzzle. He tells Rob not to hold back because it’s looking good. Finally, he warns Mel that she’s lost some of the character in her face sculpt.

Rob is really not having a good day here. He thinks his face looks like a “werewolf teddy bear thing.”  For the second time today, he sets aside his current piece to work on something else. Walter tries to boost Rob’s self esteem, but to no avail.

Day 2 starts with Walter prepping his mold. Rob is starting the day on a better foot, hopping up and down, “I figured it out! I figured it out!” He’s determined a shape for his face, but now he must make some difficult decisions concerning time. The cowl, he decides, must be scrapped. He figures he can create the silhouette he wants through fabrication.

Melissa is sculpting like a fiend. She speed-sculpted hands, which she’s not happy about, but is of the mindset of just getting it done.

Yvonne is working on the giant ears of her Goblin. She tries to explain that she’s scaling down the ears from the game, trying to make them more human-scaled, but when we see them, they look ginormous, like the entire size of the face. Not sure her “scaled down” was scaled down enough.

Melissa’s troubled hands are not popping out of her mold. She must chisel out one hand, but that results in losing some fingers. Walter starts working on a tail, and seems to enjoy testing it out.

Rob’s horns are one full and one half. But as he’s molding in silicon, he realizes he doesn’t have a enough silicon to fill the full horn. Plan B is to double-mold the broken horn, but that must wait until tomorrow.

The remaining artists have a little meltdown together on the patio – sharing feelings about being homesick.

Application Day.

Rob is molding both his horns and his fingers today. Horn 1 comes out beautifully. Horn 2, however, sticks to the mold, and Rob has a mini temper tantrum out of frustration we’ve all had at one time or another.

Melissa’s working on the paws, but it is also proving to be difficult. Mel is laying a giant red mohawk, and once she starts styling it, she’s loving it. It looks pretty cool from my end.

Walter’s working hard on his paint job, basing out in white then bringing in blues.

Rob is miserable with his design. He feels this is his worst case scenario, feeling as though his final design has come down to the bare bones of his original concept.

At Last Looks, Yvonne seems to know her paint job is a muddy mess. It really is. Mel is feeling really great about her character, and it’s nice to see her *not* in panic mode.

This week, we’ve got special guest judge Rob Kazinsky, who is in the upcoming Warcraft movie. He reveals he spent a year of his life playing WoW, gaining sponsorships and getting paid just to play all day.

My Amateur Impressions:

Yvonne’s Goblin: Ugh. I like Yvonne, but this is not good. The paint job is a disaster and the ears seem too big.

Walter’s Draenei: Damn. That’s gorgeous. Incredible detail, crystal clear features.

Rob’s Tauren: Um, I think it looks kinda cool. The horns are creepy. There’s a lot of detail on the face. It’s definitely not the disaster Rob made it out to be.

Melissa’s Worgen: Oh, I’m disappointed. The sculpt doesn’t look right and the paint job is lacking detail.

Mel’s Troll: Totally digging it. Love the mohawk, the color palette. It really looks great.

The Professionals’ Impressions:

They do not like Yvonne’s paint job. Rob K. is impressed with the realism to the game with several of them.  Glenn likes Melissa’s profile better than straight on. They have mostly positive comments for Rob, except for Rob K. who says while it looks great, it doesn’t look like it’s from the game.

The top looks included Mel, Walter, and much to his own surprise, Rob, with Walter rightfully winning.

Bottom looks were Mel and Yvonne, with Yvonne going home.

Overall Thoughts: One of the better episodes this season, I think. The challenge was interesting and appropriately understood. Even for someone like me, who has never played World of Warcraft. I was surprised there wasn’t a double-elimination, since there was the immunity last week, but I’m not complaining. If that means one more episode squeezed in, then great. Rob K. was a very honest judge.

Beauty in Words:

“For a worst case scenario, I think it’s phenomenal.” — Glenn, to Rob.

“I’m like Simon Cowel.” — Rob K., after offering harsh criticism.

“She looks like pea soup from here.” — Ve.

“The face doesn’t feel Gobliny…” — #Nevilleism


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