RECAP! Face Off: Sinister Showdown Part 2

Friends, we’ve made it to the end. After last week’s revealing screen test, we now get to see how the final three artists will step up their game and become the newest Face Off Champion.

The episode begins with Melissa, Rob, and Walter on the patio sharing their experiences from the camera test. Walter’s in a good place, with minimal changes. Rob, on the other hand, is pretty much back to “square one,” as noted by Mr. Westmore last week. Melissa falls somewhere in the middle.

When they head into the lab, Melissa gasps. The finalists’ family members are standing there! What a great way to do this. In the past, they’ve done “surprise” Skype sessions, which were always emotional. But there’s nothing like seeing your most avid supporters in the flesh. And how cute is Rob’s mom?  I’m not crying. You’re crying. Shut up.

But that’s enough of that. It’s back to work, as the previous contestants pop back in to join their finalist. Rob is resculpting everything. He’s making big design changes, since his director apparently liked nothing. Melissa’s focusing on the possessed character changes. And Walter is just adding to what he’s already got, creating a full torso. The day ends with little fanfare.

Suddenly, it’s Application Day. Melissa’s crew pulls up to the set, the huge scary mansion where their movie will be filming. From what we see, it looks like a pretty legit shoot full of trailers and pop-ups and equipment, complete with an incredibly professional makeup trailer, brought to you by Kryolan, of course.

Melissa is running a piece in foam, while Yvonne and Johnny are working at applying. Johnny’s got 11 appliances to apply to the possession victim and he must make sure the pieces don’t come off when the actor sweats. No easy task, there.

After furiously painting, they load up and head to the set, where the judges are ominously awaiting their arrival. From quick glances, Melissa’s two characters look pretty great. Her first scene is a nighttime shot with the victim, then on to the demon reveal. The director asks for some additions, and Melissa and her team respond well and quickly to the requests. The judges seem to have positive things to say as well. Her shoot seems to end on a high note. #TeamBadAss

And it’s team Rob’s turn. He helpfully reveals they have 5 hours of application. Rob has developed a little physical gag where the demon can cry oil. At time, Rob is thrilled with his makeups – though he smartly recalls that he felt the same way before the camera test and that didn’t pan out quite so well.

When they arrive on set, the judges seem impressed with what they see so far. The director seems happy, too, and let’s hope he means it. Rob is clearly nervous through both the demon and the victim shoots, but he keeps his cool. From what we see, both shots look pretty freaking amazing. The oil dripping out of the demon’s eye was timed perfectly with the light. And the victim’s creepy “You shouldn’t have come here” moment was terrifying. It’s good to see he was able to pull off all those changes.

Finally, it’s Walter’s day. While he didn’t have a lot to recreate, since he added so much more, his application became that much more complicated. Mel is working to avoid her painting errors from the camera test and Robert is in detail-mode, working on the teeth and a bunch of bugs that will be apart of the makeup.

On set, the judges seem to react immediately to the sheer amount of work on the demon, who is a huge dude. The first shoot with the victim goes well, and the judges show appreciation for the vines on the face sculpt. During the demon shoot, Walter is extraordinarily confident. Glenn is super stoked about it as well.

The artists all seem genuinely happy about their filming time. They each express gratitude for their teams (no team drama this season!) and the deep desire to win. They’re all very likable and equally matched. But they’re also stylistically similar, or at least there simply aren’t enough differences to make any one of them stand out. It really is anyone’s game.

It’s finally The Big Night. Arranged in a square are the contestants, their families, and (all?) the former contestants. The directors are there as well, and of course the judges with McKenzie and Jason Blum. McKenzie asks the directors how they feel things went, and they all seem to have good things to say.

Each of the contestants gets to stand in front of the judges and explain their concept and receive some feedback. The judges all have good things to say, as per usual for the finale. Then, we get to see each of the films.

My Amateur Impressions:

Team Melissa: The movie was great. I’m not a huge fan of the victim’s makeup – particularly the sticks coming out of his head. But the demon looks amazing.

Team Walter: There’s no denying how awesome the makeup looks. The movie isn’t quite as good as Melissa’s, but that’s no fault of Walter’s. The victim was pretty frightening and the demon was a beast. It was really good.

Team Rob: The makeup looked really great onscreen. But I was a little disappointed in how little screentime the demon got, though I imagine that’s often true with many effects in film. Also, I thought the victim’s line was better before the voice was altered, but what do I know? Still, the color worked great for the director’s theme.

The Professionals’ Impressions:

When the judges privately deliberated, the only negative comment was about some initial confusion over Melissa’s victim. But Ve felt the sticks (which I didn’t like) helped the overall vision. Everything else was lots of positive comments.

And the winner of Face Off is —— Rob. Congrats!!

Called it. Just sayin’.

Honestly, he was consistently phenomenal. Both Walter and Melissa should also be incredibly proud, and I doubt they’ll have any trouble finding work now.

Overall Thoughts: I was glad to see the family members in this episode. It’s such a sweet moment. They didn’t make any crazy additions to this final challenge, and I’m curious as to why – maybe time? I still think the film challenge is the best, most exciting challenge for the contestants – they’re always so pumped to be on set and it’s very revealing.

Here was the most shocking thing about this episode: they revealed the next season won’t start until 2017 – NEXT YEAR. Wtf, SyFy? There’s no late summer-early fall season? We have to wait a whole year?

While little has been published about this, there’s a note on a Face Off subreddit that Season 11 will be an All Star season, which could be why the lead in for the promo was “It’s hard to say good-bye.” I guess we’ll have to wait til next year to find out. Which really bummed me out.

Look out for a separate post recapping the entire season, along with my favorite makeups and #Nevilleisms from Season 10!

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