Our Pop Culture Wedding

Life has been crazy recently for… a lot of reasons. One of the bigger (and much, much better) events was our wedding.

“Oh, great. That’s totally why we subscribed to your blog, Sarah. So we could read #humblebragging about your wedding. Swell.”

Hear me out. As a pop culture enthusiast, it was really important to me to figure out subtle, yet fun ways to incorporate certain pop culture elements into our day. Not just to do it, but because there was a reason behind it.

The Invitation:

Of all of the things, this invitation might be what I’m most proud of. After scouring the likes of online stationary sites, I decided we should go to a physical store. I chose, for whatever reason (I didn’t spend hours looking at reviews or pouring over  wedding magazines. I just went with what I found.) Anyway, this process lead me to Seaside Papery at Seaport Village, here in San Diego.

Quick aside — I scheduled the original appointment, but accidentally made it at an alternate location. We ended up canceling due to our Austin trip. It wasn’t until then that I realized the location error, and made a new appointment at the correct location for later. Thank god. Because….

We went. A few times. Dug through binders and binders of samples. And I didn’t like any of them. They were too flowery, too structured, or just too much. It was also tough because the few we did like had minimum ordering requirements of 50 or more. We just needed 30.

After Katie, the wonderful stationary specialist, showed us the last binder, I was defeated. Cory looked at me, then looked at Katie and said, “You know, we were kind of thinking about something like this…” and he described to her what we had talked about a few nights before. It was a completely original design. Katie listened, slowly nodded, then started sketching. As she sketched, she made a few suggestions, then a few more, her voice getting louder and more excited by the word.

“Exactly!” Cory said. “Is there anything like that?”
“I’ll do it,” Katie said with a shrug that said, “of course.”
And she did:

The TV Invitation

This didn’t mean our whole wedding was necessarily themed after TV, as much fun as that would have been. It was a small event, so ardently sticking to a theme didn’t seem worth it. Instead of consciously “theme-ing,” we simply found things that spoke to us.

The Little Things:

Star Wars Han & Leia Champagne Glasses:

Champagne Glasses
Saw these on Pinterest. Immediately knew they were perfect.  (Etsy)

Meaningful Disney Pins instead of boutonnieres:

Cory:Grape Soda Mark:FrozoneScreen shot 2015-11-19 at 1.28.42 PM
Because I really don’t like flower boutonnieres. And while this was NOT supposed to lead to Disney Pin collecting… it kinda did…. Good job, Disney.

A Wall-E and Eve cake topper:

Cake Topper

I couldn’t stand the thought of a typical Bride & Groom thing. Hearts/flowers, too gushy. Pinterest (of course) lead me to adorable toppers using Wall-E and Eve toys, dressed up in little top hats and veils. Over the next few months, I ordered countless toys online, trying to find the right sizes, but none of them seemed to be in proportion to each other. I was getting frustrated, until I fell upon these gorgeous acrylic cut toppers.  (also Etsy)

The Music:

Boarding music consisting of the themes from The Love Boat and Gilligan’s Island. I was absolutely insistent on this one. It helped that Bose has a Bluetooth speaker that matched our wedding colors.

The themes from The Office and Friends in our playlist. Because they’re our favorites. Our playlist also had songs from Sweeney Todd, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Into the Woods, and Jurassic Park.

It was great.

Oh and then instead of a honeymoon, we took our wedding party, friends, and family to Disneyland.

It’s also worth noting that Cory & I didn’t do anything because we were “supposed to” or because it was “tradition.” Everything we did was because it’s what we wanted. Married on a boat. A wedding party that consisted of a Best Man, a Man of Honor, and a Best Person Ever. No dances. No cake-smushing. I didn’t have a shower. We didn’t register.

We just had an incredible wedding, surrounded by our favorite people, in a beautiful place. And then went to Disneyland.

Pop culture doesn’t get more personal than that.

Because Pop Culture is Personal

I’ve attempted to keep several blogs over the years. And while I’d gotten some interest, I found myself bored and frustrated, lost in the crowd of the other millions of blogs voicing opinions on recent happenings.

But this time, it’s personal.

Instead of posting bland commentary on current pop culture or yearning for the days of the ’90s, I am going to focus my efforts on one main argument: Media, particularly television, is important for more reasons than you think.

I always bristle when I hear that age-old argument “Too much TV is bad, it causes obesity and ADD and autism and anger issues, and everything else under the sun.” I am living proof that’s not true. Well, okay, maybe not the ADD part, but definitely the rest of it. I spent LOTS of time playing outside as a kid – biking, swimming, playing imaginary games with other kids in the neighborhood. I was never obese, though I enjoyed my fair share of cookies and chips. And I’m pretty smart, so…. there ya go.

I’ve also gotten a little tired of the constant snark-cycle that is social media. Everybody has an opinion, and it’s more sarcastic than the last one. Who will be the first to come up with the perfect line to dismiss someone’s creative work? Hey, I’ve tweeted my fair share of snark – it just comes naturally, sometimes. But all the passive-aggressive comments drown out any genuine thought, feeling, or appreciation. So this will be a safe place, not necessarily snark-free, but snark-lite.

To me, media is important because of the connection. Because you, your mom, and a stranger’s family 3,000 miles away can all share the same experience – laughing at a silly sitcom, crying at a family drama, hiding under a blanket from a scary movie. And this is true now more than ever, thanks to sharing those experiences over social media. And while THAT buzz has short life, it’s still a moment, a burst of collective energy.

So this blog will be highly personal, which is rare for me. I want to share my life experiences connecting media – TV shows, but also films, plays, and music – with those I experienced them with. So you’re going to hear a lot about my family – my mom, my dad, and my younger brother James, as well as my fiancé Cory. You’ll also hear a lot about my friends from childhood through today, and pretty much anybody who might have played a part in a media moment.

Of course, I’ll throw in topical commentary, as well. This isn’t like a diary or anything.

And the whole point of this is to prove it’s possible to appreciate media in a way that isn’t entirely snarky or cynical. I adore pop culture and I want to show you why.